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I received a call from someone who was portraying as a representative from the major hotel chain where I stay for work and pleasure when I travel. I asked them to call me back at a later time as I was busy doing something at the time. Well, they did call back and then I realized that the Caller ID indicated my area code. Would that not come from a 800 area code, or in many cases, the Caller ID states, in this case, the name of the hotel chain. Or even some area code of a major city. But definitely not my home area code.

Well, I confronted the person, and they said they were not sure, but they said maybe it’s to make me more likely to pick up – which is why I did. I politely ended the conversation and didn’t listen to excuses or tap dancing.

I’m sure this was a phishing attempt or spam call. But they claimed to represent the major hotel chain where I stay.

So the question now…… Is is a coincidence that they selected my hotel chain, or was there a leak at the hotel? Maybe the travel agency I used to use for my business travel? Or the App where I hold my travel info? I use a cross cut shredder for any paperwork I bring home.

So, you decide…. and be careful.