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This article in Forbes addresses an interesting and important issue. It’s worth reviewing

What happens if you lose control of a sensitive spreadsheet or your hard drive? We often fill spreadsheets with customer data. What would happen if you lost control of that spreadsheet? Either through mischief, negligence, or accident? There could be dire consequences. Or what about that make shift password spreadsheet with your bank accounts?

This applies to losing a hard drive, or an easier to lose USB Flash Drive?

There are ways to mitigate these issues.

First, don’t keep data you no longer need. If lawful, you can delete unnecessary documents no longer needed, required, or out of date. MAKE SURE YOU PROPERLY DELETE OR DESTROY THE ARTIFACT. HITTING THE DELETE KEY IS NOT ENOUGH. One can easily recover data that is simply deleted using the “delete” button. I have a very inexpensive tool that does this and there are tools that do it for free.

Second. Encryption and/or access control. It’s rather easy to encrypt data. Whole disk encryption is great, but sometimes its best to encrypt the document(s) itself.

There are other methods too.

Bottom line, you’re responsible for safeguarding your critical data. Take care in security it.

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