VPNs are well worth their money. And you can get annual service at a reasonable rate. There are many reputable services out there. There’s also plenty of advice on the web if you’re not up on this technology, so I won’t go through it here. But here are a couple benefits many don’t know.

Airfares: Ever shop for airfares? I recently read that you may see different airfares if you change your location using your VPN. I did try it and yes, some fares were different. Are you going to save thousands of dollars using this trick? Probably not, but you might save a couple dollars.

Some streaming services allow the use of VPNs and some don’t. I sometimes set up my VPN to connect to another country and the content is different, not totally, but it does offer a variety. Also, when we streamed football games, the “game of the week” had different teams when connected to different cities.

Back to business. VPNs are a good security measure, especially if you travel and use hotels or coffee shop wifi networks. Purchase a plan that allow you to put on multiple computers, cellphones, and your home router.