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I went to Costco today to pick up an item or two. I passed by their gas station to check the line. It’s notably cheaper there than any of the local gas stations, but the lines are normally long on weekends. The lines today were actually short and I was filling up within 5 or 10 minutes. Upon leaving. the line doubled in length

I got to thinking on the way home. It’s amazing what lengths people will go to save $2 – $5. Most of the vehicles were “cars”. So, doing simple math, 15 cents cheaper per gallon, times 10 gallons, is $1.50 in savings. For 10 minutes waiting, OK, I get it and I did it. Now I’ve seen the lines three times longer as people were determined to save that $1.50. Several cars were very nice too, meaning they were not hurting on money

Now, I’m sure many of those people would never think of devoting that much time reviewing their home/business network, phone, or home security. They also cringe at the thought of hiring a consultant for an hour or two to go over their cybersecurity hygiene. Well, hell, there’s a lot at stake.

When was the last time you reviewed your Windows Security settings on your laptop? How frequently do you do that? Do you know the pros and cons of all the settings? I actually completed the TryHackMe Windows Fundamental room last week. I did this as a review. And yes, me, a Cybersecurity Consultant found the information useful. An I know what I am doing.

What I am trying to say, it may not be a bad idea (it’s actually a good idea) to hire a cybersecurity consultant a couple times a year, just to review what you are, and are not, doing correctly.

Contact CyberZolutions for a consultation. What do you have to lose?

Well, your data, reputation, time, money, business, to name a few.