I recently changed internet providers (ISPs) as the “promotional” rate expired and my rate went up considerably. I called the provider several times over a couple months, telling them I received mailers from their competitors advertising substantially better rates. My ISP said there was nothing they could do. I procrastinated on changing services due to the pain of the change.

Well, I finally decided to switch. I strategically scheduled my install appointment a couple days before my billing cycle ended. The new install went without an issue. I waited a couple days and then called the ISP I was disconnecting notifying them I was terminating my service. They had to send me to the “Disconnection” department where they did everything in their power to keep me. I told them I called at least three times asking for a better rate or I would switch. They said that was the best rate they could provide. Well, the “Disconnection” department said they had all sorts of promotions that were just as good, not really better. They also said they’ “upgrade” my equipment. I did mentioned to them 1) that I would have stayed if you offered me those prices earlier and 2) why do I have outdated equipment? It did come to me that the router they had in the house was maybe 5 years old. That’s old in almost any technology. And I had already swapped the wireless router with my own as it was better suited.

The same issue occurred to me once or twice when I wanted to cancel my subscription of a newspaper I get delivered. Again, the promotional offer ended. They can’t offer a better price until you get connected to the “Disconnection department.

So, food for thought. Change services when rates go up. In the case of the ISP, it really doesn’t cost them anything for an extra subscriber. For the newspaper, a little more.

The rate isn’t always the rate.