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This real-life story relates to cybersecurity.

Our outdoor swimming pool had a stain problem that began a year ago. Over time it got worse and I finally got serious on seeking help as nothing I did worked. Our pool store recommended the typical “canned” stain removal methods that didn’t work. I visited another pool store which didn’t yield results either. I texted the contractor who resurfaced my pool six years ago. He inquired about my water phosphate level. Well, I didn’t know because pool stores don’t typically test for phosphates (or at least mine didn’t). So I asked the pool store and they pulled the phosphate test from under the counter and tested the sample. They revealed the level was 600 (high is considered 100). I treated for 600. Level remained at 600. I visited a third pool store who routinely tests for phosphates as part of their free testing services and the results? Over 6000!. I later learned the previous pool store’s test set only tested up to 600. If it was higher, it read 600.

Well, I spent the past couple weeks bringing the phosphate level down (apply the chemical, and letting it stabilize, test, and repeat) and noticed the staining receding significantly. I recently tested just over 400 and applied what I hope is my application. I Googled high phosphates and behold, algae feeds off phosphates and phosphates hinder chlorine from doing its job. I

You can apply this story to cybersecurity. Hackers will try one method to achieve their goal, then they try another, and another, until they succeed or give up. This is sometimes referred to Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs). So, in your journey towards securing your network, don’t forget to secure using different prospectives.

Another example. The small/home business owner may think they have adequately secured their network, but using their own sole prospective. It might be a smart (actually would be smarter) to seek different prospectives.

This is why you should consider hiring CyberZolutions for that different prospective. Could save time, money, and a miserable experience.