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Segregating your network or your crown jewels is very good protection strategy. This can be performed in so many ways. On a simple scale on a personal level, you can keep your sensitive files on a removeable encrypted hard drive. When you do not require the data, you can simply disconnect the media from the computer where no one can access the “air gapped” storage device. You then connect the device when needed and disconnect when you are finished. Now, an attack or unauthorized access can still occur, but the window of opportunity is much smaller and/or the method of data extraction is much more complicated. There are many ways to make this strategy easier, convenient, and more secure. But I believe you get the idea.


Combine this with other available methods and you can increase your security posture.

Remember, no network is “totally secure”. This example will not totally prevent an incident.

Most big corporations now employ the “Zero Trust” strategy where they “assume” they’ve already been breached and aim to minimize exposure.

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