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Social Media Accounts, Applications (Apps) Cell Phones, Operating Systems (IoS, Windows), Computers, Websites, Wireless Routers, Firewalls. What do they all have in common?

Security/Privacy Settings! (There are more to consider too)

We often neglect these simple, yet important settings. Many breeze through them, if at all, when creating accounts or initializing devices. Probable even less review the settings periodically.

Some providers will not sell your data if you opt out. While not always the case, there are some that do ask you whether they can sell your data.

What data they store/don’t store, and how long. Whether they’re speaking the truth or not, it can’t hurt to limit data storage if it’s important to you.

Two Factor Authentication/Multi Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA) can provide you very good protection if your password is ever compromised. It’s normally set off by default.

What people see on your social media account: Birthdays, phone number, marital status, address (city), connections/friends/followers. One note. There are some entities that “scrape” data from social media sites, so even if you say “I can disable that feature later”, the data might get “scraped” before hand, if not already.

PIN Numbers: Option to add an additional layer of protection.

Automatic Updates: Enabling this can help keep your device up to date on security settings and may avoid an issue later.

Encryption: Some devices allow you to encrypt your device, just in case you lose it or if it gets stolen.

Tracking: If you want to track the device for some reason.

So my suggestion, Spend an hour this week and go through all your settings, or on the next time you use that application/device.