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The attached article demonstrates a couple issues.

First. If you use WordPress, you should heed and implement those updates. They’re most often security updates and relativity quick and painless to implement. Much less pain now than later. I know many of you don’t log in too often and just leave your website advertise your brand. But please log in at least weekly and take a look.

Less often, your wireless router has an update waiting to be downloaded and installed. Wireless routers, much like WordPress, require MANUAL intervention to update security patches. Not like Windows, Droid, IoS, etc. Even Alexa automatically updates.

Why interact? Once the security patch is disseminate, the secret is out. The bad guys tear apart “the patch” and identify the vulnerability and then use it against you!

Don’t be the tallest blade of grass! Don’t stand out.

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Three Plugins with Same Bug Put 84K WordPress Sites at Risk | Threatpost