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The Wall street Journal and other news periodicals have published articles lately about how some bad guys are stealing and accessing victims’ phones, and thus, personal details including and financial applications. I won’t go deep (just read the articles), but I think it’s undeniable that we should review what actually is accessible on your phone if someone gets your master password.

This too, has me thinking of revisit my phone’s contents. Do I really need to have my financial applications on my phone? Can I not just log in via a web application? A financial app, with some log in credentials saved, just allows the thief one step closer to your money.

Think about the money transfer applications? Are they open to anyone once you log into your phone? Photos, Do you take photos of sensitive documents? By default, on many phones the location of the snapshot is embedded in the phone.

If you have not read any of these articles as of late, why not Google the subject. There is no shortage of people providing their opinion and suggestions.