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I traveled to Washington DC with my family last week on vacation. One of our stops was the Pentagon 9-11 Memorial.

In passing the turnstiles for employees of the building, my wife and I both noticed something that made us laugh. There was an employee exiting the complex, grabbed his cell phone, and placed a call. What was so unusual about this?

He opened up a Flip Phone. Yes, this was in April 2022.

I’m going to say that he was “really” aware of the privacy concerns of smart phones. It’s ability to track our movements, text messaging, email traffic, banking and financial information, social media, family phones, appointments, travel arrangements, and more. We all know our phones do this. It’s no secret. But we all give up a piece of our privacy (some more than others) for the convenience.

Remember, you can, to some degree, increase your privacy. This goes for your cellphones, tablets, computers, and smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home. This involves going into your system setting and in many cases, the actual application itself and modifying the factory settings. Take note that this isn’t once and you’re done. If need to verify your settings from time to time as software updates often change the settings.

Or you avoid all this altogether you go to your local cell phone store and buy a flip phone.

Bear in mind. Today’s flip phones are not like those you had in 2005ish. They include GPS, which even when deactivated in the settings, still track you to some degree.