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I bought a new vehicle a couple weeks ago. Bought the same make/model as my trade in. One of the new features was the Car Connect – which allows me to interface with my phone using my car entertainment system.  I experienced intermittent issues from one day to another where my phone would not fully connect to the car’s entertainment center. After some time troubleshooting and buying a new cable (which I needed anyways), I discovered that the VPN application I installed on my iPhone was preventing the iPhone connecting to the entertainment center via the Lightning Cable. For clarity, the VPN is intended to protect WIFI and cellular data, not the data in/out of the Lightning connector. The VPN did not affect operation if I utilized the Bluetooth connect though.

I originally Googled the problem and it came up with multiple hits telling me to reboot the entertainment system which was easy. That obviously didn’t fix it. But once I learned the VPN caused the issue, I changed the syntax of the Google Search to include the VPN and it came up with several hits, and most blamed iOS 16 update (I cannot confirm or deny that).

So, the bottom line? Phone applications are not necessarily containerized and can influence other phone operations. Maybe one (more) reason to delete applications you no longer use or need?