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Cybersecurity Freelancer/Consultant

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Cybersecurity for Small Business and the Home

Business Model is Changing


Consultant Services:

Consultant: Contact CyberZolutions to assist you in your cybersecurity needs. Your requirements and expectations are unique – so is our approach. We’ll go as deep as you want. We’ll use Zoom, telephone, or in person/on-site meeting (Tampa Bay area). Hourly or contract.


Online Content:

Blog: CyberZolutions blog will now offer frequent posts summarizing the cybersecurity landscape relating to the smaller sized audience – focusing on what really matters. I’ll weed through recent topics and “summarize it”.


Twitter: CyberZolutions sorts out the applicable Tweets that pertain to you and forwards them with our comments.


Newsletter: CyberZolutions will publish a bi-weekly newsletter for those managing their own network. This is a “work in progress” and will cultivate in time.


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Recent Posts

Controls: Part 1

I’d like to discuss Media Protection (MP). Its title is self-explanatory, but it’s a vast topic. Protecting media is so important. If you’re a victim of crime and your computer is stolen. If your hard drive is encrypted, it’s data is probably useless to the person who...

Controls for Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy Controls is something applicable to large companies, small companies, and the individual. It's actually a pretty neat topic I'm going to go over in the next week or two. I'll open my NIST SP 800-52 "Guide to Understanding Security Controls" book...

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