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Cybersecurity and Business Specialist

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Cybersecurity and Business Freelancer

Cost effective alternative to full time or name brand services


Do you have cybersecurity questions and don’t know where to get reliable answers?


Do you need assistance, but on a tight budget?


Are you curious how vulnerable you are to an attack or incident?


CyberZolutions provides simple and cost effective solutions that meet your business or home network needs.


Preventing an incident is significantly easier and cost effective than remediation. CyberZolutions can perform a simple yet effective vulnerability assessment and consult you on a logical path to strengthen you defenses. You might not be in a position to correct all your vulnerabilities initially, but you can maximize your resources and focus on the most critical ones now and have a plan to resolve the remaining ones in the future.


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Zoom/Telephone Sessions:

Contact CyberZolutions to answer your cybersecurity related questions. We can identify solutions that fit your situation.


Tampa Bay/Sarasota Area:

CyberZolutions can visit on-site or at a mutually agreed upon location in the Tampa Bay/Sarasota, FL area.


Employee/Group Training:

CyberZolutions provides “best practices” training to your employees and/or groups. We go over computer security, MFA, computer settings, what not to click on, among many other topics. Great for professional organizations, church groups, libraries, and homes/familes.


Online Content:

Blog: CyberZolutions blog offers frequent posts summarizing cybersecurity or everyday issues relating to the smaller sized audience – focusing on what really matters.


Twitter: CyberZolutions sorts out the applicable Tweets that pertain to you and forwards them with our comments.


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CyberZolutions has been silent over the summer. It doesn't mean it's gone. We'll be active in the near future.

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