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It’s been a couple weeks since I passed the CEH. So now what?

Well, I’ve revisited my Kali-Linux VM afterwards and tested some of my ethical hacker skills from a certified CEH point of view. I know a little more about NMAP, Nessus, and other Kali features. I also use “Parrot” as a companion of Kali. You got to admit, it ‘s more colorful.

There is a pending contract change when it comes to my full time job, so, I’m preparing for a change, not exactly sure if, or what, or when things will change. So, as always, I’ll adapt, but proactively.

Well, I’m now revisiting NIST and ISO. I haven’t done much, if any compliance work for a year now. With AI making a scene in the Project Management world, I need to be able to continue doing what AI can’t. It will also, soon, become a service at CyberZolutions.

Maybe compliance and frameworks will be CyberZolutions core competence.