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Interesting interview on CNBC today with Palo Alto Network’s CEO today. He’s never been worried about cybersecurity as much as he is now. How should you feel about your company’s (and home’s) cybersecurity?

Well, answer this:

What is the worst thing that can happen if I have an incident? Loss of data? Inability to take orders? Data compromise?

Well, this comes down to what the industry calls Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR). It’s a real big deal and very under rated. Most small companies don’t have anything close. So, when something bad happens, it’s all over. And it didn’t have to end that way.

CyberZolutions can help your small business find your vulnerabilities and develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to reduce the incident’s impact – so you can remain in business and not be out of business.

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Palo Alto Networks CEO: I’ve never been worried about cybersecurity more than now (