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There’s been A LOT of talk lately regarding the potential increase of Russian hacking to US companies. Most likely attacks would be High Value Targets like high tech firms, defense contractors, military, utilities, government, and other news catching organizations. But anyone could be infected indirectly. We are all connected via one big network.

You should be especially careful in opening attachments, clicking links, and phishing attempts. That’s the number one method to infect with ransomware.

A phrase I detest is “Don’t open attachments or click links from someone you don’t know.” Well, people you do know may have clicked a link or opened that attachment and already be infected and passing the malware on to you. The phrase just gives a false sense of security.

Bottom line. Remember to back up, back up, and back up. Worst case scenario, if you get infected and you have multiple off line backups, you could buy new equipment, load it with your off line backups, and you’re back in business.

Two Factor Authentication makes it very difficult for someone to brute force their way into your system, even if they know your breached password.

Stay sharp.