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I finally completed the training course about a week ago. Took longer than I expected, but I’m really trying to learn the material. It would be obvious that I should know al ot of this material already with the experience I already have along with the studying for other related certifications. But there is an awful lot of material they provided which is good.

I also completed last night the study questions they provided. I believe and hope they are really in the weeds as some were difficult. They also offer a test or two that mimics the time and number of questions and time. I have not taken that – yet. I have also purchased, at reasonable costs, some other training aids that I’m reviewing now. I’m going to review these for the next couple days, and expect to take the exam later this week.

So far, I’m happy with the level of knowledge I’ve gained from the training.

Once I earn the cert, I’ll get back to work on the web site and tinkering with tech.