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I was at a social event recently and someone mentioned to the group that they were told Antivirus software was unnecessary as they don’t protect you. I mentioned they’re good for what they’re designed for and that they’re necessary. I Googled the topic and I’m not alone in my opinion.

I’m also a user of Virustotal.

Funny, someone then mentioned they “highly recommend” their A/Vs as it was “really good’. That’s not the first time I heard someone mention that. Good at what? How does the typical user know if their A/V is better than an another? Yes, features vary, but users don’t really know how well their A/V is working, or not working. Now, some companies evaluate the effectiveness of A/V software. My A/V alerts me very infrequently. Is that because I practice safe habits or is it because it’s an inferior product?

I have a premium A/V package that I have due to the warrentee program I’m subscribed to. Besides that, I do like Microsoft Defender. I’ve heard many professionals who know their $#%@ say the same. And it’s free and already installed in Microsoft Windows.

Now, Password Managers are different. There are several flavors. Cloud based or standalone (on your own media), open sourced (or not), the method they create new passwords, some store additional information. The options are endless.

So, if you recommend a A/V software or a password manager, tell the person why you like it.