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Cybersecurity Freelancer/Consultant

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Cybersecurity for Small Business and the Home

Business Model is Changing


Consultant Services:

Consultant: Contact CyberZolutions to assist you in your cybersecurity needs. Your requirements and expectations are unique – so is our approach. We’ll go as deep as you want. We’ll use Zoom, telephone, or in person/on-site meeting (Tampa Bay area). Hourly or contract.


Online Content:

Blog: CyberZolutions blog will now offer frequent posts summarizing the cybersecurity landscape relating to the smaller sized audience – focusing on what really matters. I’ll weed through recent topics and “summarize it”.


Twitter: CyberZolutions sorts out the applicable Tweets that pertain to you and forwards them with our comments.


Newsletter: CyberZolutions will publish a bi-weekly newsletter for those managing their own network. This is a “work in progress” and will cultivate in time.


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Recent Posts

Face ID and Password

My wife and I bought new IPhones this past week. We finally gave up on our IPhone 6 & 7s. We enabled the Face ID option, after some thought. Although I'm not exactly on board with how secure Face ID is, I do believe it's more secure than that pass code as someone...

New Business Content

I've been silent as of late, namely because I've been wanting to change my business strategy. While I'll still providing consulting services, I've decided to focus on delivering more on-line content. This change will be easier on my work/life balance since...

Controls: Part 2 – Firewalls

Firewalls are a great way to "control" the environment. They do play major part in protecting any sized business and the home as well: Firewalls are know for putting a barrier between the internet and your internal network. You can use applications to block specific...

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