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You may have heard. 3G cellular service is going away if your carrier hasn’t cut the cord already. How does that effect you? Well, here is an example.

Our home security system was on the 3G network until about three months ago when we were notified that our system required a simple upgrade. The evolution took maybe 15 minutes – long enough to swap out the cellular module. Didn’t cost us anything.

If that upgrade didn’t happen, the alarm center would not have been notified if there was an intruder in our house. That’s pretty serious. This could effect smoke detectors, panic buttons (the pendants people wear on their neck in the event of a fall), endless possibles.

Why am I including this in a cybersecurity blog? Well, it”s CyberZolutions job to keep abreast of cybersecurity trends and news. If one of your devices is no longer supported by the manufacture…. would you know? Is your firmware in your routers up to date and supported? What vulnerabilities are you at risk for?

Hire CyberZolutions to help you out. It’s easier and more cost effective to stay out of trouble than it is to get out of trouble.