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Cybersecurity Freelancer/Consultant

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Cybersecurity Expertise for Small Business and Home Networks

Why selecting CyberZolutions makes sense:


Small business owners and entrepreneur’s focus on their business. But what about the network? They’re just as vulnerable to an attack as large companies. Maybe more. Why? No cybersecurity staff keeping an eye on the network.


Contracting a full-sized cybersecurity firm can be costly and may be an overkill.


That’s where CyberZolutions comes in:


  • CyberZolutions offers Vulnerability Assessments and/or consultation services. We provide a variety of services to best suit your needs and budget.
  • You can remediate yourself or contract the work out.
  • CyberZolutions stays abreast of the current trends and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) attackers frequently use with small business.
  • CyberZolutions is competitively priced and focused on modest sized networks.
  • Your business is your competency, cybersecurity is ours.

Contact CyberZolutions today to set up an initial consultation!


Being more secure doesn’t necessary mean buying something new or shiny. It often comes down to better use of what you already have.


CyberZolutions will publish a weekly newsletter for those who manage their own networks. We’ll systematically step subscribers through techniques they need to know and do. The newsletter will also include cybersecurity trends that concern smaller networks.


If you don’t have a cybersecurity specialist on staff, you need CyberZolutions!


Visit the CyberZolutions Blog to get insight of what you should be considering.



You’re going to pay for cybersecurity through prevention or remediation. Spare yourself the frustration of “damage control” and mitigate risks now!


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