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Cybersecurity Specialist – Assessments and Advisory Services

Providing Cyber Solutions to the Entrepreneur

“”Small businesses saw a 424% increase in cyberattacks last year” quoted from “7 Cybersecurity Stats That Every Small Business Should Know in 2021” on  Don’t be that tall blade of grass in the lawn.


CyberZolutions specializes in smaller scaled networks and devices. We systematically educate the entrepreneur in the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) they really need to know and practice to keep their network safe. The same TTPs the “big dogs” use, but packaged for the entrepreneur.


We offer a variety of services to suit your requirements and budget. Being more secure doesn’t necessary mean buying something new or shiny. It often comes down to better use of what you already have.


If you don’t have a cybersecurity pro, you need CyberZolutions!


Visit the CyberZolutions Blog for a sample of what we can provide and email us to set up an appointment.


You’re going to pay for cybersecurity one way or another. Either before or after the incident. Spare yourself the frustration of “damage control” and mitigate those risks now!

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Review those WordPress Plug-Ins

The attached article demonstrates a couple issues. First. If you use WordPress, you should heed and implement those updates. They're most often security updates and relativity quick and painless to implement. Much less pain now than later. I know many of you don't log...


Passwords. How many times have you been told not to use the same passwords? Well, it’s true. Password reuse is a easy way for an attacker to attempt to access your account(s). You see, there have been hundreds of data breeches where user names and passwords were...

New Site Launched

The new CyberZolutions website is now on line. With that, we will also modify the services we provide. CyberZolutions will continue to offer consultation services to the entrepreneur and small business owner, but we will offer something else..... Premium Content. I'll...

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