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Cybersecurity Freelancer

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CyberZolutions - Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS)

Consultant for Small Sized Businesses or those operated from the home


Zoom/Telephone Sessions:

Contact CyberZolutions to answer your cybersecurity related questions. We can identify solutions that fit your situation.


Tampa Bay/Sarasota Area:

CyberZolutions can visit on-site or at a mutually agreed upon location in the Tampa Bay/Sarasota, FL area.


Employee/Group Training:

CyberZolutions provides “best practices” training to your employees and/or groups. We go over computer security, MFA, computer settings, what not to click on, among many other topics. Great for professional organizations, church groups, libraries.


Online Content:

Blog: CyberZolutions blog offers frequent posts summarizing cybersecurity or everyday issues relating to the smaller sized audience – focusing on what really matters.


Twitter: CyberZolutions sorts out the applicable Tweets that pertain to you and forwards them with our comments.


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Recent Posts

You are not who you say you are. But why?

I received a call from someone who was portraying as a representative from the major hotel chain where I stay for work and pleasure when I travel. I asked them to call me back at a later time as I was busy doing something at the time. Well, they did call back and then...

Smart Home Device and Spam Calls

Are the services interconnected? Or not? We went on a vacation for just under two weeks earlier this year. I enabled our smart home listening function which monitors for unusual sounds like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, etc. If it senses something, it...

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